Unessa Furniture is Here!

I'm excited to announce the arrival of Unessa Furniture. With this new product category, you can bring classic style into your bedroom and create a sleep system that fits perfectly with your unique lifestyle. Choose from a designer bed for superior style or mix and match pieces for a customized bed. Keep reading to explore my comprehensive furniture line and to find the right fit for you.  


The interior design team created two designer bed sets, the Brightwell and the Gatsby, that instantly add elegance and sophistication to your space—without any of the work. Plus, you can pair both designer beds with any adjustable bed base for an elevated sleep experience. 

Malouf Blackwell Designer Bed

Malouf Scoresby Designer Bed

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You can make a stylish statement with my ultra-plush headboards, the Charlotte and the Heritage. Each headboard is compatible with my configurable bed frames, the Goodman and the Wallace. The Goodman Platform Bed Base is clean and traditional, while the Wallace Platform Bed Base is sleek and has large under-bed drawers for easy storage. When you combine these mix-and-match pieces, the end result is a completely personalized sleep system. 

Carlisle Headboard and Easton Base

Hennessy Headboard and Watson Base

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