So, you’re looking for better sleep. An adjustable bed may be just what you need. But there are a lot of different options out there, so which one is right for you? Let us help. We’ll walk you through a few of our favorites.

The E255 gives you the benefits of elevated sleep, without the premium price tag. And if you already have a bed frame, the E255 can often fit right on top. This means your existing bedroom setup often doesn’t have to change—unless you want it to.

Is the E255 what you’re looking for? It’s right for you if: 

  • You’re interested in standard features (like head and foot incline).
  • You want an easy setup. It only takes 15 minutes from start to finish to set up. Plus, it folds in half for easy storage.
  • You’re looking for versatility. The E255 can be placed on top of a variety of beds, foundations, platform bases, or the ground.


The M555 has a mix of features perfect for those wanting a little something extra. First, it’s upholstered in a stone-colored and linen-like fabric, a step up in terms of style from the E255. And for those stressful days when you’re having trouble relaxing, the vibrating neck and back massage is a can’t-miss feature. Finally, the M555 has built-in charging ports and Bluetooth® so you can adjust your position with your phone (and charge it too).  

Does the M555 check off all your boxes? It’s right for you if: 

  • You’re interested in more advanced features (like head and neck massage).
  • You’re looking for a base that’s a little more stylish and polished.
  • You want access to the MALOUF™ Base App, which gives your extra customization options and the ability to move your position (and your partner’s) with your phone.


The S755 has everything. No really, it has all the features of the M555 and more. It’s one of the few bases we offer with added head tilt and adjustable lumbar support, giving you extra support where you need it most. It also has our all-new ReachAssist™ technology, which pulls the bed back as you incline so you can still reach the remote when Netflix asks if you’re still there.  

Does the S755 have all the features on your wish list? It’s right for you if:

  • You’re interested in all the features and the latest technology (like ReachAssist™).
  • You’re looking for extra support and the ability to fine-tune your position.
  • You want a true smart bed. Set up automatic snore detection on the MALOUF™ Base App so your bed adjusts itself when it catches any sign of snoring.

Interested in learning more about our line of adjustable bases? Click HERE to see all our options and find your perfect match.