Wicked Sheet Set

Wicked Sheet Set

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Moisture-Wicking + Cooling Bed Sheet Sets

Our best selling Wicked-Cool™ cooling bed sheet sets include one wicking + cooling fitted sheet, one wicking + cooling flat sheet, and two wicking + cooling pillow cases. The bed sheet set is made of cooling poly-nylon fibers specifically engineered to keep your bedding feeling 2-3 degrees cooler to the touch all night long. 

Sleep Wicked Cool

In comparison to traditional bed sheets, Wicked-Cool™ cooling bed sheet sets and products:

  • Allow three times more air flow and breathability
  • Prevent the absorption of heat from light sources
  • Have moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology

Our wicking + cooling bed sheet sets provide a comfort sleep solution for hot sleepers and those suffering from hot flashes, keeping them cooler and drier throughout the night for Wicked good sleep.

Wicked Sheets are free of dyes, bleaching agents, and chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Our advanced fabrics are hypoallergenic and have been independently tested and certified free of harmful substances by the international OEKO-TEX® Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.


To maintain optimal moisture wicking and cooling functionality, we recommend washing Wicked Sheets in cool water and drying on a low heat setting with NO fabric softeners, which can clog fabric pores and decrease moisture-wicking power over time. Wicked Sheets bedding is wrinkle free, so you can skip the ironing!