Unessa Living is proud to be North America’s exclusive RotoBed® retail partner. Our goal is to deliver the world’s best rotating bed, the RotoBed® to those in need in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

With the RotoBed® Free, which is designed for use in healthcare facilities, and the newly developed RotoBed® Home for people to use at home, it takes less than a minute for the user to get from lying down to standing up. This means a daily life with less pain, higher quality of life, and more freedom and dignity. In addition, caregivers are experiencing an improved working environment, less stressful work positions, and more efficient transfers.

This new generation of rotative beds can go as low as 12” above the floor, accommodating users of all heights. With a maximum user weight capacity of 420 pounds, the RotoBed® is suitable for overweight users, too. Citizens suffering from conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, cerebral palsy, injury, paralysis and many other conditions may also benefit from a RotoBed®.

Rotating Bed with Award-Winning Design

Harmonious design also contributes to quality of life. RotoBed® has created a bed that takes the user’s thoughts away from illness and pain. Behind the beautiful exterior of the RotoBed® is the award-winning Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who, based on a Scandinavian tradition, focuses on innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

The RotoBed’s® stylish and minimalistic design has gained international attention. In 2019 RotoBed® and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen received the coveted IF Design Award as well as a place in the final of the Danish Design Award. In 2020, RotoBed®Home received the European Product Design Award with an honorable mention as Top Winner.

Respecting Nature

RotoBed® produces beds with a strong focus on sustainability and long-lasting, recyclable materials. Also, during packaging and transport, we take environmental considerations high and use only recyclable or biodegradable material.

RotoBeds® are welfare technology for everyone. A simple and intelligent operation facilitates the lives of both users, relatives and professional caregiver staff. At the same time, RotoBed® has a range of accessories, specially designed for our beds, to further facilitate transfer and care.

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