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Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Bed For Sale at Unessa Mattress in Louisville, KY

In recent years, bed-sharing — the practice of parents sleeping together with their children — is
becoming increasingly common among families in the United States. Studies show that bed-sharing has a number of benefits including increased familial bonding and better sleep for both parents and children. However, as many parents know, when it comes to sharing a family bed, a traditional king size bed just won’t cut it.

Oversized Bed Options

There are a few oversized bed options on the market that can make bed-sharing a more comfortable and restful experience. These include the California King (72 x 84”), the Texas King (80 x 98″), the Wyoming King (84 x 84″), and the Alaskan King (108 x 108″). The most popular of these oversized mattresses is the biggest option available, the Alaskan King Bed.

Comfort for the Entire Family

At a sprawling 9 feet by 9 feet, the aptly named Alaskan King mattress can comfortably fit your entire family (plus all of your pets and then some). The mattress’s unique square shape is 24″ longer than the standard California King, making it a perfect choice for tall people, as well as those who prefer an ample amount of space to sprawl out while they sleep.

Many individuals, especially those who sleep with partners or children that have varied sleeping habits and schedules, report finding it difficult to fall and stay asleep throughout the night. The Alaskan King Bed offers significantly less disruption caused by motion transfer than standard sized
mattresses, so couples can get in and out of bed without waking each other.

Even if your family doesn’t sleep together, an Alaskan King can be a nice place to hang out and read together or watch a movie. Or perhaps you sleep alone, and simply want the most luxurious experience that the market has to offer. In addition to being a sprawling, ultra cozy place to sleep, the Alaskan King bed has an extravagant, sophisticated aesthetic that will elevate any bedroom.

Why Unessa Mattress?

Because of their considerable size and supreme level of comfort, Alaskan King Bed prices can be very expensive, with price tags as high as $400,000. But at Unessa Mattress store, we pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury with the highest quality discount mattresses. Our Alaskan King bundle is just $14,999 (on sale from $20,000), and includes everything you’ll need to start sleeping better.

Due to its relative rarity, Alaskan King bed frames and bedding can be hard to come by at your average store. The Unessa Mattress Alaskan King Bundle, available in four beautiful neutral tones (grey, black, oat, and chocolate), includes an Alaskan King sized mattress, bed frame, box spring, Alaskan King sheets and comforter, and 4 King Gel Dough pillows. Plus, we’ll throw in a pair of walkie-talkies, in case you can’t hear your partner all the way on the other side of the bed!
Our King Gel Dough pillows are made for an elevated sleeping experience that won’t leave you feeling achy in the morning. Made of supportive memory gel foam and paired with a soft, bamboo velour cover that is great for sensitive skin, the Dough pillow offers temperature regulation and pressure point relief.
For an ultimate sleeping experience, consider an Alaskan King bed. You may never go back to your standard size mattress.