It’s the season of giving. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for family and friends, we’re here to help. Check out a few gifts perfect for Mom, Dad, your best friend, and of course, you. Feel free to mix and match gift ideas to fit everyone on your list, even if they’re not specifically mentioned here.

Luxury Sheets for Mom 

If anyone knows the benefits of good sheets, it’s Mom. For moms who like to escape to the spa, spend Sunday mornings in bed reading, or just like a touch of luxury at home, our Botanical Tencel Sheet Set checks all the boxes. They’re softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, and cooler than linen. Trust us—this is one gift she’ll use night after night.

Looking to splurge a little more? Our Italian Artisan sheets are made by skilled artisans in Florence, Italy. They hand cut, sew, and finish them by hand, passing on incredible skill and craftsmanship from generation to generation.

Dough Pillow for Dad 

Give dads the gift of better sleep this year with a Gel Dough Pillow. The Dough foam is super soft, with zones of both large and small holes to offer the right head and neck support and extra ventilation. The unique shoulder cutout is made for side sleepers, keeping everything aligned so he wakes up feeling his best. Plus, all our CBD pillows are infused with a soothing clary sage scent that smells like a walk in the woods.

Travel Pillow for Your Best Friend

With travel picking up again, a trip in 2022 might be in order for you and a friend—especially if you postponed one during quarantine. If you’ve got a place in mind, snag the tickets and pair them with this Lavender Travel Pillow. If anything, gifting a travel pillow is a clever way to hint at going on a trip together. 

Weighted Blankets for Your Siblings 

Take some pressure off your brother or sister this year. After all, they’ve got to be feeling some extra stress this year trying to top your gift-giving. The Anchor Weighted Blanket is filled with thousands of tiny glass beads, providing gentle pressure that eases anxiety and naturally boosts mood. With multiple sizes, weights, and colors, you can get one for every member of the family.

Adjustable Bed Base for Grandma 

Make life easier with an adjustable bed base. Even simple things like getting in and out of bed can become exhausting. Convenience isn’t the only reason to upgrade, the Better Than Most Adjustable Base also has head and foot massage, taking relaxing in bed to a whole new level. If It’s a little over budget, go in with a few of your siblings or your parents to give Grandma a gift that will change the way she sleeps forever.

New Bed for You 

In all the busyness of the season, don’t forget about yourself. One area that pays off investing in is your bed—after all, you spend more time there than anywhere else in your home. One way to make your bedroom feel straight out of a magazine is with the right bed. We love the Blackwell Upholstered Bed because it brings simple elegance wherever it goes. It comes in five gorgeous colors so you can pick your favorite.

Time to Shop 

We hope our gift guide gave you a few ideas for everyone on your list. To learn more about the products mentioned in this post and much more, visit And remember, we offer free shipping on all purchases. So happy shopping! We hope you find the perfect gifts for all your loved ones.