About Us

In the Beginning

Let's be honest... I used to hate to shop for a mattress and furniture and I felt like prices were totally out of control. You probably still feel that way.

That's the main reason I got into this business. I wanted to help change the face of mattress and furniture buying in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. So, I did. 

Now, I want to bring that change to everyone in the USA. That's why this website was born.


You might be asking, "How can you sell these awesome mattresses, furniture, and other stuff for so much less?"

To explain that, I'm going to share some secrets about the mattress and furniture industry that will make all of the retailers mad, but I don't care.

Here they are:

  • All the "big boys" (over 90% of the mattresses made in the USA) - including the famous name brands - are all assembled using similar componentry (foams, coils, innersprings, etc.)
  • Those components are all made by a handful of companies
  • The "big boys" put those components together in their facilities around the country and then attach their label to it
  • Bottom line: it's all the same stuff, more or less

So, based on that, what's really important:

  1. How does the mattress feel? 
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. What is the warranty?

Our mattresses range in feel from soft to firm and in between, so you can be confident in knowing you'll get the feel you're looking for.

You'll find our prices are WAY below what you'll find in a retail store - and online - with to-your-door delivery INCLUDED. White glove service and freight cost a little more.

The BIGGEST Difference

There's an old saying that goes "You get what you pay for" and we could not agree more! However, when you buy here, there are a few things you don't pay for:

1. Cost of Advertising: Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising on TV, radio, and billboards - like retail stores do - you don't pay for those things here. Most people find us through Google searches, social media and referrals. This helps keep the costs down.

2. Real Estate: Our showroom is virtual, unlike a retail store that pays a premium to have the ideal location for traffic. With us, our customers don't pay extra for that.

3. Sales Rep Commissions: Unlike retail stores that pay staff and typically have commissioned sales reps that add to the cost of your bed, Unessa Living is a website. Our top end beds that we have for around $1,000 sell at retail stores for around $3,000 and higher.

You do get what you pay for, but we don't ask you to pay for all the extra things that add to the cost.

Check Us Out

We'd encourage you, if you are in the market for a new mattress, to give us the opportunity to save you money as well.

Look around and, if you find something you like, place your order with confidence and save a bunch of money...